Karate Thursdays
Every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:00pm, we offer a karate class at the church taught by “Karate Dave” Pearson. A fifth-degree black belt, Pastor Dave Pearson, is the founder and lead instructor of Master’s Academy, a martial arts school that offers classes at area churches, home school programs, or youth centers. Dave has taught thousands of students since founding the school in 1988. The classes are family-friendly and suitable for parents and grandparents to take the classes with their children and grandchildren. The program offers an opportunity for belt advancement.
Non-contract classes
Individual Student: $10/class
Family (nuclear): $20/class
Belt Advancement (gold-brown): $20
Black Belt: $30
Private Lessons: $35
Weekly Class Overview
Physical Training: warm-ups and stretching, kata (forms), light-touch (head and chest strikes only),
sparring drills (not “full contact”, no flips or throws.)

   Spiritual Training: time of prayer and a short teaching on Biblical principles

What to bring and wear to class: loose-fitting or athletic clothes
  • Uniforms are optional
  • Sparring gloves provided for use during class
  • Opportunity to purchase your own karate uniform ($25) and accessories including age-appropriate, practice weapons